Signal 365

Signal 365 is focused on trading signals for currency pairs. The have selected a fairly small number of currency pairs and are totally devoted to them. This is great if you want to trade in Signal 365binary options based on those currency pairs (all of them are well-known currency pairs that are highly traded) because you will get signals from a provider that is heavily specialized and really knows how to interpret the market for these specific pairs. If you on the other hand need trading signals for less known currency pairs – or for stocks, commodities, indices, etc – you will need to sign up with another trade signal provider.

The fact that Signal 365 is focused on just a handful of currency pairs doesn’t mean that you will see few trading opportunities. Quite the contrary actually, since Signal 365 typically generates more than 100 trading signals each day!

During major news events that may impact the movements of a currency pair in erratic ways, signals will be paused and filtered out to safeguard the Signal 365 members. Signal 365 also pauses signals during certain selected holidays, such as Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Signal 365 publishes the live results on the site. This way, you can check out their historical accuracy and make up your own mind regarding their suitability as a trade signal provider.

Available signals

Signals are available for the following currency pairs:


Trading signals are generated for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes expiry time.

How it works

  • When you have become a member, you can log into Signal 365 and view the trading signals in the members area. You don’t need to download and install any software from Signal 365. You can log in on any device with a web browser and internet access, including PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.
  • Each time a new signal is posted, the post will include information about Date, Time, Expiry Time, Price, Asset and Direction. There will also be a countdown to prevent you from missing out on any suitable trades.
  • When a new signal is posted, a sound signal and a flashing yellow alert box (Trade Now!) will alert you. Also, the countdown will start.
  • Since Signal 365 typically post more than 100 trade signals a day, they do not send out trade signals in emails or in text messages to mobile phones.


  • The monthly fee is 99 USD.